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Luxury Resin - Saltwater Compatible 


Our Luxury Resin Salt Water Friendly Above Ground Pool Kits are made with by care by AquaLeader - a top brand trusted by North American pool owners.

Located in Canada, AquaLeader is a company we trust.

The Blues 52" is the resin pool we love the most. Smooth, clean, perfect lines make for a smart modern finish. This is an excellent pool for those who want the perfect back yard.

We're proud to say that our ovals do not come with bulky A-Frame buttresses. Instead they come complete with the Yardmore system- they are known as 'braceless ovals.'

We love the solid warranty this premium pool comes with.
The warranty is: 60 years, 5-years at 100% with 55 years pro-rated.

yardmoreinfluence.jpgWe only include proper beaded/hung style pool liners. Our pool liners are proudly made by Latham in Canada from 100% virgin vinyl. The seams are strong and the liners are built to last.

We've included Hayward 1HP pool pumps filter systems with our pool kits.

None of the pool kits we carry require a larger pool pump. We recommend sticking with the 1HP as upsizing will just add cost to your power bill. And who really wants that?

Contact us if you require installation services. We can install in HRM, Nova Scotia. Or you can install your own premium above ground pool kit.

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